I need help with MPS-GAP and/or MPS-SQ, what can I do?

If you need help with MPS-GAP or MPS-SQ, you can request the digital manual via the Customer Portal. If you complete this form, we will prepare the handbook for you. Please note that the annual cost for this manual is €175 (excluding VAT). Alternatively, please contact Sandy van Ruijven for guidance in completing the manual. Sandy can be reached via +31 6 201 344 69 or s.vanruijven@dlvge.nl.

How do I know which certificate applies to me?

If you are interested in applying for a certificate, it is of course always possible to make an appointment, during which we can further inform you about the steps to be taken. Please contact Raymond Scheepens to maken an appointment.

What is MPS-Socially Qualified (MPS-SQ)?

With the MPS-Socially Qualified (SQ) certificate, you demonstrate that your company meets the national and international requirements in the field of health and safety. Especially now that international supermarket chains are increasingly focusing on both the social aspects and the environmental requirements of your business, MPS-SQ is a useful addition to MPS-ABC.

What is MPS-GAP?

MPS-GAP is a certification scheme that covers traceability, environment, safety and hygiene within your company. By compiling a manual and implementing practical requirements in your company, you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the MPS-GAP certification scheme. As soon as you obtain the MPS-GAP certificate, you will be assigned a GGN number that will be visible in the MPS-Customer Portal and in the GLOBALG.A.P. database.

What is MPS-ProductProof?

A buyer may ask for proof that a certain product has not been used in cultivation. By means of keeping records of the crop protection agents used (within 24 hours) and independent sampling, you can demonstrate that certain active substances have not been used in cultivation. MPS-ProductProof is an addition to MPS-ABC.

Where can I find the list of environmental clusters?

You can find the list of environmental clusters in the document database.

Where can I find the code list?

You can find the code list in the document database.

Where can I find the calendar with the hand-in dates?

You can find the calendar with the hand-in dates in the document database.

How do I cancel my participation in MPS-ABC?

You can cancel your participation in writing by sending an e-mail to serviceteam@my-mps.com or by filling out the contact form. Your cancellation is not final until you have received confirmation from us.

How do I register for MPS-ABC?

You can register for MPS-ABC by selecting MPS-ABC on the quotation request form. We will make sure that your application is processed. Once the registration has been finalised, you will receive confirmation and your login details.

How much does a certificate cost?

The cost depends on several factors. This is why the costs are determined based the quotation request form that you can find here.

How do I become certified?

If you would like to apply for a certificate, you can request a quote from us. You can do this using this application form. We will send you an email when your quotation is ready. Once you have signed this quotation, the audit process is initiated. This means that you will be contacted by email or telephone to make an appointment for an audit.

How do I change or add a contact?

If you wish to change or add the contact person, please fill out the contact form or send an email to serviceteam@my-mps.com. Please also state your customer number/MPS number.

What are the advantages of a certificate?

Nowadays, the majority of market players demand proof that products have been produced safely and sustainably. You can demonstrate this with a certificate. Moreover, you demonstrate that your product complies with certain national and international laws and standards.

I am getting payment reminders even though I have already paid. What should I do?

If you are getting payment reminders while you have already paid, please email serviceteam@my-mps.com or contact us by telephone at +31 (0) 174 615 715 and also state your MPS number.

My company name has changed, should I let MPS know?

If your company name or entity changes, you must inform MPS. Please fill out this form and send it back to serviceteam@my-mps.com. We kindly ask you to include the Chamber of Commerce extract. Depending on your situation, we may still ask for a newly signed agreement.

Of course, other situations may also arise, such as a company takeover, merger or division. In such cases, please contact Service and Support by sending an email to serviceteam@my-mps.com or calling +31 (0) 174 615 715.