From when can an MPS-ABC participant use the uniform vignette?
According to the regulations, a vignette may only be used after all requirements from the certification standard have been met. For an MPS-ABC participant this means that 13 consecutive periods must be recorded and the initial audit has been successfully completed. In practice, a grower can already print the logo on pots and other packaging material earlier, but this may only be put on the market after the standard requirements have been met.

Deviations from the uniform vignette
The uniform vignette has been created to combat the proliferation of logo and number use, among other things. If a grower wishes to indicate on his packaging material that he is participating in one or more MPS certification standards, the uniform vignette must be used for this. The rules for application are included in the “Instructions for the MPS vignette“. These instructions include requirements with regard to the dimensions of the logo. This may deviate from +/- 50% without the need for permission. If this does not work for a grower, a request can be submitted to Service & Support to deviate from these prescribed dimensions. Service & Support can handle these requests with a written permission / rejection so that the grower can show them if the use of the sticker is discussed during an audit. The most important starting point is that the proportions of the vignette remain intact and that the vignette remains legible. Deviation from the use of the vignette by, for example, only showing the MPS number or the qualification is not permitted.