With the introduction of the MPS-ABC certification standard version 16, recording of water usage within MPS-ABC is mandatory. This record-keeping is in line with the sustainability measures that have been initiated within the chain.

FSI basket ‘environmental’
MPS-ABC has been included in FSI’s ‘environmental’ basket. To comply with the guidelines of this basket, the recording of water is required. By meeting the requirements of MPS-ABC, the guidelines of FSI are also met.

How do you record your water usage in the record-keeping environment?
You can create different water meters within the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment. In addition to the amount of water used, naming the source is also necessary. In the record-keeping environment of MPS-ABC there is room to create several meters. This way you can create meters for the number of watering sources. For example, you can also record the return water. If you do not have a water meter or liter counter, you can record the approximate watering rate. In our video library you will find videos about creating water meters.