You may have already noticed: our website has a new homepage, giving our services a more prominent place. In some other places, too, the website has undergone a metamorphosis. For instance, the general menu has been rearranged and both the document database and the FAQ page have been optimised. Finally, Google Translate has been added so that the website can now be automatically translated into (almost) every language there is.

Certified companies
You can still find this page simply via the link, but from now on also via the menu.

Documents and frequently asked questions
The documents can still be found in the same place, but the search method has been changed. On the left-hand side, you can check the box of the standard you want to show documents from. The check mark shows which standard(s) you have selected. You can also choose what kind of document you are looking for, e.g. a certification standard or a price list.

The frequently asked questions are classified in the same way as the documents. Again, you can search by standard or document type.

Google Translate
From now on, the website can be viewed in all languages. The languages Dutch and German remain as other main languages, you can also still select these as separate languages in the language menu. For other languages, click on ‘English’ at the top of the menu bar and then choose ‘Select Language’.

Now you can select (just about) any language you like. To return to the source language (Dutch, English or German), click ‘Show original’ in the top left.

Please note that it is a Google Translate and therefore probably not error-free.

We think we have improved our service with these changes and hope you think so too!

If you have any comments or questions following the website optimisation, please contact us. We will be happy to help.