Sustainability is an important issue. Society and the market are changing, and MPS is following suit. Accordingly the MPS-ABC programme has been amended to ensure that it aligns more effectively with this trend. The updated programme will take effect from 1 January 2021. You can find all the information here.

Updated MPS-ABC
The MPS-ABC usage registration has also been updated. Entering consumption in the new registration environment will now be much easier, and more efficient and user-friendly. For example, setting up a cultivation plan is a lot simpler, and consumption can now also be registered using a smartphone or tablet. However, the MPS approach is unique for its personal service. For example, growers can receive assistance with starting up their registration if they wish, and there are step-by-step instructional videos available.

New Pricing
MPS consults with sector parties on an ongoing basis. During these discussions it has emerged that growers, especially small-scale* ones, frequently see costs as a hurdle. We have therefore lowered the prices in order to make MPS-ABC accessible to all. This has been made possible by the steadily increasing numbers of MPS-ABC participants worldwide, and because we have made progress in the automation and efficiency of our work processes in the past year.

The starting price for participation in MPS-ABC has decreased drastically, with registration for the first year (13 consecutive periods of 28 days) now at just € 290. A certification fee will only apply in the second year, when audits, sampling, qualifications and certification take place. The starting price for this is € 700, and there is an additional hectare surcharge depending on the size of the company. The starting price has now been decreased in order to increase access. Naturally, existing clients can also benefit from these updated prices.

Information about MPS-ABC
Our MPS team will be ready to answer all your questions. You can contact Service & Support via +31(0)174 615 715 or

*By small growers MPS means up to 2 ha covered and up to 8 ha uncovered.