We are pleased to announce that from 12 September 2022, the reliability index score (RI score) is visible on the company dashboard.

Within MPS-ABC, a certificate is issued to the participant and a qualification is awarded based on the usage data entered by the participant. High reliability in the usage records is a key starting point in the record-keeping.

To achieve this, we are introducing the RI score. This RI score has formed part of the MPS-ABC certification standard version 16 since January 2021. Due to all the updates to the record-keeping environment, it was not yet visible on your dashboard.

The RI score is visible on your company dashboard in the record-keeping environment since 12 September 2022.

In the future, this RI score will be used to keep your record-keeping as accurate and up-to-date as possible and to keep the certification pressure as low as possible. Recording in time will probably bring benefits, not recording in time may lead to sanctions.

RI scores are expressed as a percentage. Only discrepancies that say something about a record-keeping’s reliability will lead to points being deducted on the RI score. Your current score can be checked on your company dashboard in the record-keeping environment.

The MPS-ABC RI score has three classifications: ‘high’, ‘average’ and ‘low’. A record is kept of points deducted for each participant over the course of an entire year. The final RI score for that year will be established on 1 November using the following formula:

100% – points deducted (% points) = RI score

Any additional checks resulting from the RI classification obtained (category ‘high’, ‘average’ or ‘low’) will be performed the following year. Every participant will start with an RI score of 100% on 1 November. You will shortly receive concrete information about the consequences of the different scores.

Should you have any questions, please contact us via info@my-mps.com or +31 (0)174 615 715.