MPS and the Chamber of Plants, Flowers, and Foliage of Costa Rica (CPFF CR) signed a memorandum to strengthen the cooperation between both organisations. This memorandum was signed during the first “Encuentro Nacional de Productores y Exportadores de Plantas, Flores y Follajes 2023” in Costa Rica. By means of this agreement, CPFF CR and MPS will support member growers in their efforts to grow more sustainably. Cooperation is essential in order to improve together!

Mr Rodolfo Gil, President of CPFF, signed the memorandum on behalf of CPFF. For MPS, the memorandum was signed by Mr Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager Africa. All this took place in front of other notable persons from CPFF, namely Maylen Rojas, Vice President; Folkert Hoekstra, Vice President; Sergio Madrigal, Director; María Nela Jiménez, Fiscal; Gilberth Castillo, Director and Bernardo Vargas, Executive Director.

The first “National Meeting of Producers and Exporters of Plants, Flowers and Foliage 2023”, was held on 30 March in Santa Clara, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica, and its purpose was to bring together the community composed of producers, exporters, suppliers, academia, and other partners, under the central message of sustainability of production and trade of their products. Also, the state of the sector was discussed as well as the trends, the challenges and from this to point out the directions that will guide future actions.

“The agreement signed with MPS allows us to establish a working relationship with clear purposes and to achieve direct benefits for Costa Rican producers. We are extremely grateful for this initiative that we hope will be consolidated from the work and trust that we build together,” says Bernardo Vargas, Executive Director of CPFF CR.

Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager MPS agrees: “The cooperation with CPFF CR as leading industry association in Costa Rica creates the opportunity to not only work with growers individually on sustainability but also on an industry level. Topics like lowering usage of crop protection agents, calculating carbon footprints and reporting directives are applicable globally and by cooperating we ensure that exporting growers from Costa Rica ensure their market position. As MPS we are happy to have broad support from the industry to cooperate on the area of sustainability and we are looking forward to sharing results in the near future”.