For a number of years now, the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment has offered the option to specify separately, with a check mark, the usage of crop protection agents that are not applied to the crop.

After feedback from a number of growers, it appears that there is some uncertainty about when usage is not crop-related, for example in the case of ethylene blockers. The ‘non-crop-related’ function is intended for crop protection agents that are not applied to the crop, for example products that are used to remove weeds from the property outside a greenhouse.

In the case of ethylene blockers, although they are not used during the cultivation process, they are applied to the crops. These substances are therefore not considered ‘non-crop-related’ and therefore do not need to be specified by ticking the check mark referred to above.

Please note that all non-crop-related uses are still included in the MPS-ABC qualification. Recording non-crop-related applications therefore does not mean that unlimited use of these agents is permitted.