Pelargonic acid (also known as nonanoic acid), the active ingredient (component of crop protection agents) in the products in the table below has been reassessed. In the MPS environmental indicator system, active substances are categorised as ‘white’, ‘green’, ‘amber’ and ‘red’. White active substances have the lowest environmental impact. As a result of the reassessment, the categories of some active substances may have changed. This is because new data has become available about the substance(s) concerned. If you use these active substances, their use will influence your number of points.

From period 5 (25 April 2022) onwards, pelargonic acid is changing from ‘white’ to ‘green’.

If you use any of these active substances, their use will influence the number of points in your MPS-ABC score.

Country Product
10628 Katoun Gold
9688 Ultima Pro
3829 TopGun Finalsan
3895 AlgeFri N ProFF (ECOstyle)
619361 Finalsan Plus
2464561 Finalsan
2140254 Katoun
2110056 Devatol
5743 Beloukha
5638 Katoun Gold
5758 Finalsan Erbicida Professional
The Netherlands
13469 Ultima for weeds and moss
15330 Katoun Gold
15952 Finalsan
777443 Ultra weed & moss concentrate
9721 Beloukha
3602 Scythe