What does the status of Non Qualified (NQ) actually mean? When a participant in MPS-ABC is designated as an NQ, the recording of the usage has generally not been fully updated and/or submitted. A qualification is calculated on the basis of this record-keeping. If the record-keeping has not been updated and/or submitted, no qualification calculation can therefore be made, while a correct qualification status on the MPS website and on the clock front is becoming increasingly important for customers. The first qualification is issued after an initial audit has taken place.

How is your qualification calculated?
A participant in MPS-ABC receives a qualification based on the record-keeping of the usage of crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy and water. To calculate the qualification, the score for crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy, water, waste and starting material is added up. The total score determines whether a grower receives an A+, A, B or C qualification. The lower the usage, the more points a grower earns.

This qualification is calculated four times per calendar year. If the record-keeping has not been updated, or has not been submitted by mistake, no qualification can be issued. As a reminder, MPS will email a submission notification towards the end of the period. Therefore, after receiving this email, please check whether you are fully up to date with your record-keeping. This way you avoid receiving an NQ status.

Where can you find the qualification?
The qualification can be found in the ‘old’ customer portal (MY-MPS) of the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment. In addition, you will also find your usage overviews here, where you can check how many points you receive for which part. Go to the Customer Portal and log in after clicking on ‘MY-MPS’ in the menu on the left to find your qualification.