In conversation with MPS coordinators in the Netherlands

MPS has a worldwide network of coordinators who help clients start up their environmental record-keeping. They also explain how growers can use this data in their marketing strategy. Our coordinators come from horticulture themselves and therefore have years of practical experience and a large network. As a result, they form the basis for further sustainability of the companies affiliated to MPS. The organisation distinguishes itself from new parties with personal service, experience and convenience.

Jasper van Diemen, Coordinator Netherlands at MPS, working at Leen Middelburg’s nursery in Maasdijk

Three coordinators are active for the Dutch market. They are often on the road to support local growers. The Service Team at the head office in Westland provides support in this regard. Miguel Boerleider is responsible for the product groups Flower bulbs and Bulb flowers, Jasper van Diemen for Nurseries and Pot plants and Jesper Keijzer for Cut flowers and Summer flowers.

“Is this all?”
The added value of coordinators ‘in the field’ is simple, according to Van Diemen: “Growers, but also traders, often dread starting to record and certify. We always personally help new customers, if desired at the company, with the start-up. An MPS-ABC start-up meeting often starts with a cup of coffee, after which we draw up the cultivation plan together with the grower. When everything is set up, we practice entering the usage of crop protection agents and fertilisers, for example. We then explain how the audit procedure works. A common response is: “Is this all?” Many growers are relieved that it is simpler and takes less work than expected.” Keijzer adds: “I often hear from growers that the system is logical and clear and is not complicated at all.”

What makes MPS unique is MPS-ABC. Boerleider: “MPS-ABC is a certificate based on data. The grower receives feedback every quarter. He not only gets to see his own performance, but also sees how he performs compared to growers with the same products under similar growing conditions. This is group data that cannot be traced back to individual growers. This is unique and of great added value. Growers also simply find it interesting to gain insight into how they are doing compared to other companies.”

Language of the grower
In addition to MPS-ABC, the coordinators also go out on the road to explain other certificates, such as MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ, and trade certificates such as MPS-TraceCert. All three coordinators consider the most important thing about their position to remain in dialogue with growers. Keijzer: “We stand next to the growers and speak their language. Even if things are unclear or can be improved, we give this as feedback to the relevant departments at MPS in order to keep improving our products.”

‘For and by growers’ is therefore still relevant after 25 years. And bringing growers into contact with each other and other parties in the chain is crucial, according to Van Diemen. “As a result, the entire chain works on sustainability, innovation and the collective image of the floriculture sector. MPS is not only busy with record-keeping, but also with innovation projects; together with growers. It’s great that I can contribute to that.”

For questions, please contact our coordinators:

Miguel Boerleider

Coordinator The Netherlands

  • Flower bulbs, tree nursery and bulb flowers