Although the expiration of a date doesn’t mean much, the end of the year is still the time for reflection. On a personal level there is a nice tool for that. And work or entrepreneurship belongs to the person, so that’s included naturally.

I have been allowed to lead the MPS Group for a year now. I have had valuable conversations with growers, preferably on location, with traders and with many other parties. I learn a lot about sticky traps, open and closed systems, screens, product innovation and the differences between regions. I work with colleagues to improve our services. Involving customers in this ensures more job satisfaction and important practical input.

Trained as a mechanical engineer and business graduate, I was taught a technical and economic view of the world. Everything can be made. Keep it simple. The garden as a technical control system and factory of beautiful plants and flowers.

As a person, parent and nature lover I see it differently. Everything is connected. Sustainable agriculture and horticulture goes hand in hand with nature and natural processes. It has been said that traditional farming is done by taking away risks, while sustainable farming is done by managing risk by adding things. In this way a kind of ecological system is created. Of course it is not as black and white as this, but a good understanding of ecology is key for the modern horticulturist.

So let me close with the wish that in 2022 nature will become even more of a partner for horticulture. I wish you a successful and healthy December!