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The MPS Group supports horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their efforts to operate more sustainably.

MPS is committed to making the global horticulture sector more sustainable. We achieve this by making the sustainability efforts of horticultural companies transparent, measurable and demonstrable. For that purpose, we develop and manage a range of innovative certification standards and on- and offline tools. These certificates ensure that sustainability in the horticulture sector is increasingly becoming an integral part of the day-to-day business activities. MPS standards are internationally recognised and at the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. These standards not only concern the environment however, MPS also promotes sustainability with certificates for quality assurance and social aspects. In doing so, we offer the sector tools for the effective implementation of corporate sustainability.

MPS-ECAS carries out independent audits and assigns certificates with relevance to the horticulture sector to all links in the chain.  In doing so, we actively contribute to making the horticulture sector more sustainable worldwide.

Pragya Akhaury

BI Specialist

Marcel Bongaards

Business Analyst

Femke Boom

Junior marketing & PR specialist

Vincent den Breejen

Project Advisor

Rita Czeglédi

Financial Assistant

Manja Dane

Junior HR Advisor

Linda van Gaalen

Communication Specialist

Simone Heemskerk-van Woerden

Standards Manager

Anja Klok-Kodde

Office secretary

Ewout Langenberg

Manager Finance & Operations

Luísa Mealha-Stigter

Technical Specialist

Gijs Rijsdijk

Systems Support en Network Analyst

Raymond Scheepens

Area Manager

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Spain & Portugal
  • Italy & Greece
  • Turkey

Ronald Schotman

Operational Specialist

Anton de Snaijer

Senior Technical Specialist

Arthij van der Veer

Area Manager

  • Africa
  • North and Central America
  • Other countries

Ronald van Vossen

Financial Assistant

Daan de Vries



MPS has a board consisting of six people. The main objective of MPS is to develop and promote sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship (CSR) within the sector, as well as to improve the image of the horticulture sector. The board sets the policy to achieve these goals and is responsible for monitoring the continuity of the organisation. The main stakeholders sit on the Board; they also influence the content and implementation of the MPS standards.

The Board members are:

  • Mr G. Kok (chairman)
  • Ms S. Miltenburg (Royal FloraHolland)
  • Mr R. Paauwe (Glastuinbouw Nederland)
  • Mr M. Mesken (VGB)
  • Mr F. van der Heide (Tuinbranche Nederland)
  • Mr M. de Ruiter (personal, it/digital)

Council of Experts MPS

The Council of Experts (CvD) is the advisory body of the MPS board with regard to the content and operation of the MPS certification standards. It ensures that the standards are aligned with daily practice. Decisions taken by the CvD are ratified by the Board.

The CvD has a say in the development and management, policy and requirements with regard to the content and functioning of the MPS standards. This is understood to mean: all activities that influence the certification and reliability of the MPS standards (drafting of requirements and interpretation (Audit Manual, Conflict of Interest, requirements for certification bodies, sanctions policy)). The members of the CvD also create public support for the acceptance of MPS certification standards.

The members of the CvD are:

  • Ms L. van Wassenaer, Wageningen Economic Research (it/digital), chairwoman
  • Mr J. Koeman, Glastuinbouw Nederland (ornamentals and vegetables)
  • Mr J. van Ruiten, Naktuinbouw (starting material for ornamentals and vegetables)
  • Mr L. Oprel, LNV – DAK (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality)
  • Vacancy (trade union, social aspects)
  • Mr E. Dijkman, CLM Research and Advice BV (environment)
  • Mr R. van Marrewijk, in a personal capacity (floriculture growers)
  • Mr H. Reijngoud, Intratuin (retail)
  • Mr F. Jonk, Royal FloraHolland (sales of ornamental horticulture)


MPS has the ambition to contribute to making the global horticulture sector more sustainable, for example by reducing the environmental impact of crop protection products, among other things, chain-wide.

FSI‘s international sustainability network is growing rapidly, and so are other (national) sustainability initiatives such as IMVO, in which the government plays a prominent role. More and more partners throughout the horticulture chain are joining in because they see that together they can move forward. MPS supports the sector’s ambition through knowledge and tools.

Council of Experts MPS-ECAS
It is of great importance for MPS-ECAS to be able to do its work independently, impartially and objectively. To realise and monitor this, MPS-ECAS has established the Board of Experts (CvD). The CvD monitors the independence and impartiality of the certification process for which ECAS BV is responsible. For a list of members of the CvD, please visit the MPS-ECAS website.

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