The MPS Group believes in the need and necessity for parties in the ornamental horticulture sector to provide social accountability in a transparent and measurable way about their environmental impact and the way in which sustainability is integrated into their business operations.

The MPS Group knows the horticulture sector and is closely associated with it. As a professional player in the field of sustainability certification, we initiate, inspire and facilitate the dialogue on innovation, sustainability and quality in the chain. In this way, we contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly production. We use real-time registration systems and schemes to guarantee sustainability and make this measurable, transparent and demonstrable. In doing so, we create a global standard, accelerate entrepreneurs’ sustainability thinking and actions, and support the sector to strengthen its market position chain-wide.

We offer horticultural entrepreneurs a complete package; we are a one-stop-shop. We develop and manage fast, smart and reliable certification schemes and automated solutions that make sustainability transparent and demonstrable. By combining our knowledge of the sector with online data, we provide up-to-date management tools that promote and accelerate sustainability. We proactively share our knowledge, advise and encourage the sector and support the certification process with (digital) tools. We also connect and inspire parties in the global chain who see sustainability as their core task, and we help growers/breeders to communicate clearly and transparently with consumers. MPS-ECAS is the independent certification body within the MPS Group. It performs audits with a focus on sustainability and food safety and certifies sustainable entrepreneurs operating at the various links within the chain.

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