Earlier this year, the first participants of MPS-ABC were gradually transferred to the new record-keeping environment. The reason for this is the renewed MPS-ABC certification standard, which requires all participants to keep a record-keeping of crop protection agents and fertilisers at application level. With this, participants also directly meet the requirements from FSI, which will be used to benchmark MPS-ABC later this year.

As a result of the new record-keeping environment, some growers have indicated that they already have a digital record-keeping system in which all usage is recorded at application level. Their request is therefore to link these systems to avoid double record-keeping. Because this is such a complex operation, this link will not be possible at short notice. Yet, we of course have the opinion that double record-keeping is not desirable and that is why we have searched for a solution.

The requirement from FSI is that there is a record-keeping system at application level for crop protection agents and fertilisers. However, this record-keeping system can be different from the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment. It is therefore possible to use a different ‘own’ record-keeping system, whereby at the end of the period the total usage of each product, including the crop to which it has been applied, must be recorded in the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment. This usage can be recorded on the last date of the period.
Nothing changes for the record-keeping of water and energy; these usages will continue to be passed on periodically in the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment.

The above applies only to MPS-ABC, growers who participate in MPS-ProductProof must still enter the record-keeping on day level in our system.

Conditions for digital record-keeping

To take advantage of the ability to record period totals in the MPS-ABC record-keeping environment, the following conditions must be met:

  • The grower has a digital system in which the usage per application is recorded.
  • This digital system is accessible during the audit.
  • The digital system records at least:
    – Date of application.
    – Name of the applied product.
    – Quantity of the agent used (kg or liters).
    – Crop and surface to which the product has been applied.



If you have any questions about the above, please contact Service & Support.