Most Dutch customers record their usage of crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy, water and waste from Monday 5 October in the new record-keeping environment. In November and December, customers from the ‘bollenstreek’ and from Noord-Holland will be transferred. Naturally, these customers will be notified before they switch to the new record-keeping environment. Customers outside the Netherlands have also largely switched to the new record-keeping environment. As of 1 January 2021, all customers will meet the new requirements for MPS-ABC and the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

In the meantime, MPS is working on further improving the new record-keeping environment. The modules stock, mixes and compound fertilisers have been updated so that purchased mixes can also be added to the stock. Furthermore, crate forcing, forcing space and tissue culture can now be recorded under other cultivation and it is possible to download overviews of the usage to Excel.

In the coming weeks, the modules for recording parental material and additional sale and resale will be developed. Finally, the “company dashboard”, where the agenda, overviews and qualifications can be found, will be upgraded.