On Monday 27 June 2022, an update was performed in the MPS record-keeping environment. In this update, several wishes and improvements have been made that have been indicated by users.

After the update, it will be easier to, for example:

  • modify the cultivation plan;
  • end crops;
  • modify plots;
  • create purchased mixes.

Several other adjustments have also been made:

  • Cultivation area cannot be updated to 0 m2 (this has no consequences for companies that have set it up this way).
  • Starting material can be adjusted by making changes during cultivation and then adding or removing the starting material.
  • You will now receive a notification if you change a recording to a date before the cultivation was active. Example: if you recorded agent X on 1 March and the cultivation will start from 1 February, this will not cause any problems. You could previously change this usage to, for example, 31 January, while the cultivation was not active at all. Now, you will get a message indicating that you cannot select this date.
  • Sub sites that have been closed (end date and blocked) are no longer visible in the record-keeping environment.
  • Management functions such as ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ have been placed under a gear in the cultivation plan, because these are functions that are not used much.
  • ‘Save and new’ can now be used multiple times in succession.


The ‘audit functionality’ has also been added, whereby the findings and conclusions of the audits performed can be agreed to, and the periods are now listed in the calendars.

Finally, we would like to inform you that making the record-keeping environment more user-friendly has a high priority. This year, even more improvements will be made to make recording easier for you as a user. We therefore ask you to continue to pass on your wishes and suggestions to your contact person or to MPS Service & Support, so that we can continue to improve.

The modified manual can be found here, in which the modified parts are marked in yellow.