The new MPS-ABC certificates are due to be issued on August 16. An A+, A, B or C certificate will be awarded based on usage over the past 13 time periods (adding up to one calendar year), with A+ being the highest attainable score. For growers to be eligible for a certificate, they must have specified and sent their usage data to MPS for period 8 2020 to the end of period 7 2021. You can send this information by logging in to the Customer Portal, going to the record-keeping section, and clicking on Send in the top left corner. You can then click on the period you would like to check, verify your details, check the box to confirm your approval, and send. You must do this separately for each sub-record-keeping.

About the certification
The various certificates – A+, A, B or C – rate companies’ sustainability compared to other nurseries growing the same types of crops and with the same cultivation conditions. An A+ rating means that a company uses sustainable production practices in the categories of crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy and water as benchmarked against peer growers.