Our Service team answers the most diverse questions from our customers. Below we have listed the frequently asked questions for you this month and we explain our answer.

An IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Plan must be present at MPS-ABC. What exactly does this mean?
In order to meet the FSI requirements, it is important that an IPM Plan is available. MPS has made guidelines available on its website for drawing up an IPM plan: this is not a fixed format for what the plan should actually look like, but a guideline so that the requirements can be met. There is a small amount of overlap between the IPM plan required within MPS-ABC and a number of elements that are entered in the crop protection monitor (which is required by law in the Netherlands). In the IPM plan, a reference to the crop protection monitor can be given for these elements.

I have many different crops, what now? And what about creating images of pests as stated in the IPM Plan guidelines?
An inventory should be made of which pests have the greatest economic impact on the crops. Suppose you have thirty crops, it is then identified per crop or crop group which pests have the greatest impact. The other steps of the IPM plan are then followed for all unique pests; it then processes how these pests can be recognised and which steps must be taken to eradicate the pest. Within our guidelines of the IPM plan, it is a requirement that images are included on which the pests can be recognised. However, this does not mean that you have to make your own images, for example reference can be made to a poster. Also, Glastuinbouw Nederland, in collaboration with WUR, recently launched an IPM tool (in Dutch) where growers can find a lot of information about this subject.

What about recording water usage within MPS-ABC?
A criterion in the MPS-ABC certification standard is the recording of water usage, even if no meter is available. In that case, an estimate must be made as realistic as possible. In addition to the amount used, the source from which the water was extracted is also recorded.

What should I do if I have two cultivation layers?
In the case of a second cultivation layer, it is important to tick this in the cultivation plan in the ‘Add plot’ menu. When calculating the MPS-ABC qualification, the total surface area, including the second cultivation layer, is taken into account.

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