Something new has been launched in our data insights! You can now view the crop protection table in the MPS Customer Portal. In this table you will find an annual overview of the crop protection agents and active substances you have used, along with their associated MPS-MIND colours.

In addition to these usage overviews per year and per period, you can now also gain a more precise insight into the active substances you have used. From these annual overviews you can navigate to the “Active substances in crop protection agents” section by clicking on the table icon. This table shows you which agents you have used. The MPS-MIND colour indicates the classification of each substance. The active substance(s) in the agents concerned can be found in the “Active substance” column. In the “Usage in kg per year” columns, you can see how many kilograms of active substance you have used.

The table is interactive, which means that it can be sorted by substance name, MPS-MIND colour, active substance or usage in kilograms per year.

We, as MPS data team, have been working hard on this launch and we are proud of that. If you have any questions about this new launch, please contact us via