Participants in MPS-ABC are increasingly using crop protection agents with a lower environmental impact. MPS sees this reflected in the qualifications of customers: the number of green agents (low environmental impact) is increasing and the number of amber and red agents used (higher environmental impact) is decreasing.

A consequence of this is that a group of participants exceeds the upper limit for the use of green agents, with a negative score for this component as a consequence. For many growers, it is instinctively against all principles to use less green but more amber and / or red agents to compensate for this because of the MPS score. Awarding minus points for the use of more green agents than allowed was therefore scrapped last year. Growers can now continue to use green resources without any negative points being charged for the MPS-ABC qualification issued by MPS-ECAS.

It is important to mention that this is a temporary measure. The Environmental Impact Indicator (EII) will be introduced next year. Each active agent has its own risk factor. Because each active agent has its own risk factor, the environmental impact is determined more accurately and fairly. This also makes it clear whether the limited use of an active agent with a high risk has a lower environmental impact than the repeated repetition of an active agent with a low risk.