We have been working hard on updating the Customer Portal recently, and the new dashboard goes live on 5 April 2023. This means, among others, that your MPS-ABC record-keeping is displayed visually and all the menu items can be found in the left menu bar, which you can open by clicking on the arrows.

Please note that to access the dashboard, you will need to log in via our website http://www.my-mps.com/. Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right and select Customer Portal to open the login page. Enter your login details, then you will be automatically taken to the new dashboard. You can also log in directly using the following link: https://portal.my-mps.com. You can go straight to the record-keeping environment via the menu bar on the left.

We kindly request you to log in via the dashboard from 5 April 2023 and not via any shortcut to the record-keeping environment that you may have made. On the new dashboard you will find all the visual insights into your record-keeping; these will be further expanded in the future.

If anything is unclear, please refer to the manual for the record-keeping environment. The relevant section on the Customer Portal has been updated to reflect the new environment. You will find this section in chapter 1, on page 3.