The MPS-ABC certification standard has been updated. This new version (16.2) has been ratified by the MPS Board and will go into effect as of 9 October 2023. Although some changes have been made to a number of criteria in this version, in general this does not mean that the requirements have been tightened up.

Below please find a list of the main changes in this new version of the standard.

  • Adjustments to sampling policy
    Sampling for residue analyses will be carried out as a spot check from v16.2 onwards. In addition, logging information by the sampler about the sample taken is being tightened up.
    The method of spot checking is described in the document ‘Selection Sampling Method MPS-ABC v16.2’. This document is part of the MPS-ABC certification standard, the latest version of which will be available on our website as of 28 September 2023.
  • Reliability Index (RI) test phase extended
    The test phase of the RI has been extended until Q3 of 2024. In this test phase, the points are awarded the same way as they are now, but these scores don’t yet have any consequences for participants. During this test phase, a number of shadow calculations will be done. This will allow us to assess whether the awarded points do justice to and actually say something about the participant’s reliability.
  • Change in the period for handling audits
    A period of four weeks has been set to approve an audit. If the audit does is not approved within these four weeks, the status NQ will be assigned to the participant until the participant has approved the audit.
  • New name: MPS-List prohibited active substances
    Recently, the name of the MPS-Black List was changed to ‘MPS-List prohibited active substances’. This name has now been incorporated into the new MPS-ABC standard documents.
  • Verification audit added to assessment methodology
    A verification audit has been added to the MPS-ABC assessment methodology. This verification audit replaces the additional audit that is carried out when it appears that there is a difference of more than 10 points between the result of the company audit and the qualification calculation. The focus of a verification audit is on the themes in which the largest point difference occurs. The verification audit is always carried out remotely, so it covers no more than half of a regular audit.
  • Consequence of qualification for storage of prohibited active substances
    In version 16.1 of the MPS-ABC standard, it was not permitted to store agents or substances that appear on the MPS-List prohibited active substances, but this did not yet affect the qualification. In version 16.2, the sanctions policy has been modified, and an MPS-ABC participant is given 12 weeks to dispose of agents appearing on this list in a responsible manner.
  • IPM plan exception
    For companies that only collect products from nature, an exception has been made to the obligation to have an IPM plan in place.

You can find the new version and related MPS-ABC documents (v16.2) starting on 28 September 2023 on our website, under ‘Documents’.