During his most recent visit to Africa, our Area Manager Arthij van der Veer was delighted to hand the HortiFootprint Calculator ‘certificate’ to Black Tulip Group. It is the first company in Africa to use the HortiFootprint Calculator and we would very much like to thank them for their confidence!

Black Tulip Group was established in 1990 and has its head office in Sharjah, U.A.E. Over the years the Group has established its presence in Kenya and has come out as one of the biggest Group in Kenyan Floriculture Industry. Currently the Group has nine farms located in Kenya at different altitude covering production area of 300Ha. They believe in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their highly skilled and professional team puts maximum efforts into every aspect of business, starting from variety selection and growing techniques post-harvest to sales & after sales services.

“Black Tulip farms in Kenya have been on the trajectory for sustainable growing since we stepped into cut flower production. The initiative of HortiFootprint Calculator and MPS’ long term wealth of experience appears as a natural partner to assess the farms carbon emission and work toward carbon neutrality,” says Mohan Choudhery, CEO of Black Tulip Flowers.