The Uitvoeringsorganisatie Integrale Milieu Taakstelling (UO) is responsible for processing environmental reports from Dutch greenhouse horticulture companies on behalf of municipalities and water boards. The Activities Decree has been in force for greenhouse horticulture businesses since 1 January 2013. This means that a UO report must be submitted annually. UO reporting includes data on measurements, registration and reporting of fertiliser discharges. MPS can take care of the UO registration for you.

If you are an MPS-ABC participant, all you have to do is register an additional UO module.
Your UO registration can also be handled by MPS without MPS participation.

For many years, MPS has been the largest service provider in the Netherlands in the field of UO reports. We maintain close contacts with the Dutch government and competent authorities, so that we can always be of service to you.

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For more information about UO registration via MPS and the associated costs, please contact our Service & Support team.


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