Being honest and open. That is what consumers expect from companies nowadays. Transparency is only possible when each link in the chain makes its own contribution to this. MPS-Florimark label makes it possible. Thanks to this label, growers, traders and auctions are all judged based on the same criteria.

MPS-Florimark Trade specifically looks at the quality and reliability of trading companies and consists of three certificates:

  • Florimark TraceCert (The certificate for traceability of flowers and plants)
  • Florimark GTP (The certificate for traceability; it also meets environmental, quality and social requirements)
  • ISO9001 (The certificate for quality assurance and chain quality)


Meets the requirements of the ornamental horticulture industry

Discount on audit costs thanks to combined audits

Expanding sales opportunities

Financial benefits thanks to fine-tuned business processes

Improvement at management level