Record-keeping, audits and certification under one roof

  • Development by and for growers
  • Recognised worldwide as the number one environmental certificate
  • Professional Service & Support team
  • Clear rate structure
  • Ease of use through renewed record-keeping system
  • Insight into your performance through data
  • Personal service with a worldwide network

We support you every step of the way.


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Starting up

You start with environmental record-keeping on the themes crop protection agents, fertilisers, energy, water and waste.


You record realtime or once per period (of four weeks).


After about 10 periods you will be contacted to schedule an audit.


After recording 13 periods and a successful audit you will receive an MPS-A+, -A, -B or -C qualification and
corresponding certificate.

What is MPS-ABC

Environmental certification aims to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the entire floriculture sector. Nobody can do that alone. MPS was founded 25 years ago: it is a joint initiative of the Dutch growers. Our goal is to create even more value for our sector and help make it more sustainable. Certification plays an important role in this and contributes to the strong image of Dutch floriculture.

MPS-ABC is more than a certificate. It is a monitoring tool that allows companies to push the right buttons to reduce their impact on the environment. By recording usage, it is measured how sustainably a company produces. This leads to a more conscious use of resources and growers can use the data to make their business more sustainable.

Why choose MPS-ABC

  • Personal service and guidance.
  • Everything under one roof: from record-keeping to certification.
  • Help with starting up, if desired at your company.
  • MPS-ABC meets FSI environmental requirements and requirements of, for example, Royal FloraHolland. When you participate in MPS-ABC and in MPS-GAP, you are FSI-compliant.
  • Clear cost structure: all-in-one price with no hidden costs.
  • Ease of use: easily record your usage online.
  • Record-keeping via mobile phone or tablet.
  • Developed together with growers.
  • Digital overviews every quarter: insight into your usage and where you can improve.
  • You remain the owner of your data; you decide who can see what.
  • Compare your performance with that of companies with similar crops.
  • Recognised worldwide.
  • Marketing tool: visible on the clock front, in the MPS TradePortal and free use of the MPS Vignette on your products.


Guaranteed environmental record-keeping

Meets record-keeping requirements of FSI and MPS-GAP

User friendly

Digital overviews

Qualification on clock front

Profiling as a sustainable and responsible company