Crop protection agents are subdivided into white, green, orange and red agents within MPS-ABC. This colour indicates the harmfulness of the product on the environment. Green is the most environmentally friendly and red the most environmentally unfriendly. White resources do not count in the qualification. To classify them in one of the colours, the environmental factors and fabric properties were examined.

Last month, a number of new active substances were added to the database of crop protection agents MPS-ABC and/or the colour of an active substance was revised:

  • Pyrethrins: this active substance changes from red to green with effect from period 8 (19 July 2021). This is because new information has become available about this substance. This information has been re-evaluated. This resulted in Pyrethrins becoming a green active substance.
  • Terpenoid blend QRD 460 is a new active ingredient and becomes green. This is the active ingredient in Requiem Prime.
  • Karanjin is a new active substance and is qualified as orange. This is the active ingredient of K-D-E-M, among others.