If you collaborate with several growers in a growers’ association or cooperative, the MPS Group Label is a very interesting option. This method makes it possible to show a single joint status for a group of companies in the form of a label. This allows you to create a strong profile with a common message. The MPS Group Label applies to MPS-ABC, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and MPS-Quality. If every individual member of the group has the same certificate, the entire group receives the relevant MPS Group Label.

The MPS Group Label is an easy way to supply large-scale retail in a good way under one name. The qualification stands or falls with the discipline of the individual participating growers. That’s how we keep each other alert.

Willem Barendse, Bromelia Brigada


Uniform working method for the entire group

Strong profiling through a joint MPS label

Individual MPS certificates remain active

One price, regardless of the number of group members