The Environmental INDicator (MPS-MIND) developed by MPS makes the impact of crop protection on the environment measurable. Crop protection agents are classified – based on environmental factors, substance properties and emission reduction measures – into green, orange and red categories, whereby green products are the most environmentally friendly.

In the future, MPS will replace MPS-MIND with the Milieu-Indicator Gewasbeschermingsmiddelen (MIG; the Environmental Indicator for Crop Protection Agents). The MIG is a calculation method for crop protection agents that is being developed by Wageningen University & Research, Stichting Natuur en Milieu and the Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation (CLM) in collaboration with social organisations, governments, market parties and MPS. The aim is to develop an internationally accepted calculation method that provides insight into the environmental impact of crop protection agents. The MIG offers opportunities to further reduce the environmental burden and provide transparency towards the market and society.

In 2020, MPS will prepare for the transition to the MIG. The MPS-MIND method uses three graphs (green, orange and red). MPS wants to replace these with a total environmental impact score. This makes the environmental burden transparent by means of a single graph instead of three. Every active substance is given a risk factor in this calculation. This way, the environmental burden is determined more reliably and fairly. In addition, it becomes clear whether limited use of a high-risk active substance results in a lower environmental burden than using a low-risk active substance repeatedly.

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