At fifteen he could already be found among flowers. In the meantime, Arnold Wittkamp, ​​one of the initiators of the Thursd platform, took a break to study economics, but soon after his studies he could be found again among the flowers. After some wanderings in floriculture, he set up the Thursd platform together with two others. This month, Thursd celebrates its first anniversary. “I notice that there is an enormous hunger for information on the side of the florist, and on the side of the grower there is an enormous need to reach the florist to tell them about their product and approach.”

Arnold Wittkamp, ​​one of the initiators of Thursd.

“Our goal is to connect all links in floriculture. I also think it is the grower’s turn to show his or her product. As a grower, you used to have a new product and everyone knew about it with the help of the clock. That is no longer the case. This grower can now come to us. We ensure that everyone reads about his or her product. ”

“We notice that we are growing and growth means that you get a certain influence. We are aware of this. Sustainability is an important topic and something you should be able to find a lot about on our platform,” says Wittkamp. “As an editorial team, we also have the intrinsic motivation to draw attention to sustainability in floriculture.” On the Thursd website, for example, you can also find information about MPS certificates, so that florists can also read about this.

The platform Thursd owes its name to the hunger or thirst for information. “It’s a combination of thirsty and Thursday. Thursday is the quietest day in the trade. So on Thursdays people are thirsty for content. Moreover, flowers and plants are often thirsty for water, of course”, says Wittkamp. Content from florists, growers and the trade can be found on the platform. “We write stories ourselves, but we also share stories from other sources, linking to the original source. We also have designer bloggers, expert bloggers and flower and plant spotters. The latter follows the trends at the product level.”

“We want to use Thursd to clarify things that are at play in floriculture. For example, we investigate how sustainable flowers are or we write an in-depth article about the use of floral foam,” says Witkamp. “Ultimately, we want to ensure that everything about flowers and plants can be found on Thursd.”