To discourage the use of crop protection agents that have a significant impact on humans, animals or the environment, MPS works with the MPS-Black list. Active substances listed in the MPS-Black list may not be used by MPS-ABC certified companies. The MPS-Black list applies to all participants, regardless of the country of participation and national regulations.

The current MPS Blacklist was drawn up and published in 2017 and will be replaced by a new version from the second quarter, P5 2022. As of 2022, the MPS-Blacklist will be published on an annual basis.

The MPS-Black list is compiled on the basis of various Conventions, the WHO 1a and 1b lists (highly hazardous pesticides) and the EU Pesticide Database. In the new version of the MPS-Black list, it will be possible to see which of these lists each active substance appears in. If metabolites of the active substance are known, this will also be stated in the new version of the list. These changes will make the format a lot more transparent compared with the current document.

The current MPS-Black list contains 63 active substances. A further 42 will be added in 2022. Most of these substances are on the WHO 1b list and one other list. Thirty-one of these substances may no longer be used with effect from the starting date of the new MPS-Black list, and the other 11 will be subject to a transition period until P13 2022. These substances are marked in the list with an asterisk (*).

You can find the new MPS-Black list here.