MPS has updated its website. Not only is its design new, but its functionalities have also been revised. Here are some of the most important changes.

Why build a new website?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and this also applies to the horticultural sector. The market and society are changing, and so is MPS. We are doing so by developing innovative tools and certification programmes that enable companies to make their sustainability efforts transparent and measurable. These innovative tools require a readily accessible, up-to-date, responsive website that enables you to navigate easily through our services.

A responsive website

The website is responsive, which means it can be easily read not only on a desktop or laptop but also on a tablet or smartphone.


We’ve also simplified the navigation of the new website. All certificates, including the ones for traders, can be found under ‘Services’. No distinction is made between them anymore. This makes things easier to find and you are now sure that you won’t have overlooked any of the certificates.

Changes to the design

The design is still green, as you can see, but it’s been freshened up to go with our new corporate identity. The logo is new and its colours are softer. You won’t find much of the bright green that was used on the former website.


All the documents that help you obtain a certificate can be found under ‘Documents’. This is where you can find documents, such as the MPS-ABC certification scheme, that you need in order to obtain a certain certificate.

Request quotation

When you want to purchase one of our services, you can request a quotation. Previously, the request forms for this were found in a separate location on the website. Now, you can click on ‘request quotation’ at the bottom of the page of a certain certificate.