Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





Do you want to offer your clients the guarantee that your packing station satisfies the highest requirements in the field of quality, safety and service? Choose the MPS-Packers certificate. This is a certificate suitable for both growers and trading companies.

Recognisable market position

It goes without saying that immediately after the harvest, flowers and plants must be processed with the greatest possible care. The processing time, packaging and (temporary) storage can, for example, influence the quality of the product. MPS-Packers was specially designed to manage and improve the way in which packing stations process their flowers and plants. Certifying this part of the floriculuture chain gives retailers the transparency they expect. The MPS-Packers certificate is coordinated with the registration scheme of the English BOPP Packhouse.


- Satisfies the requirements of the market
- Increased sales channels
- Optimised operations
- Visible improvement of company quality
- Enhanced corporate image among retailers

Have your clients see that your packing station satisfies the highest requirements and choose the MPS-Packers certificate. Display this by using the MPS trademark on your communication materials.

More information?

For more information or to request a quotation download the documents below. Do you have any questions? Contact our Service & Support department on telephone number 0174 - 615 715. They will be pleased to help you.

- Application form
- Certification scheme
- Certified companies
- Certifying organisations

MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable