Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





MPS-Fruit & Vegetables

MPS-Fruit & Vegetables is a certificate specially developed for the vegetable and fruit sector. Here the emphasis is placed on sustainability, reliability, hygiene and transparency. These aspects had not yet been combined in one certificate.

Triple-A status

With the MPS-Fruit & Vegetables certificate your company satisfies the requirements made by chain stores and the retail trade with regard to safe, clean and sustainably cultivated products. Do you want to distinguish yourself even more from the others? You can choose the triple-A label 'Vita Certa' within the MPS-Fruit & Vegetables programme. This label is only awarded to companies who obtain the highest score for all subjects. Does your company only use agents allowed for ECO and organic crops to combat diseases and plagues? You then become eligible for the 'Vita Certa Natural Protected' label. You then make a real difference.


- Cutting-edge certificate
- Combination of sustainability, reliability, hygiene and transparency
- Suffices with regard to the requirements set by chain stores and the retail trade
- A greater distinction with the 'Vita Certa' label an option
- Labels also recognisable by the consumer

More information?

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