Water purification
As of 15 March 2017, greenhouse growers are no longer allowed to use imidacloprid, unless they do not discharge the water, or purify any discharge water for at least 99.5%. Both requirements must be demonstrated with a certificate, which can be done with the MPS Water Purification certificate.
With MPS Water Purification, you meet the legal requirements for the use of plant protection products based on imidacloprid. This concerns the regulations relating to the certification of having, using and maintaining a BZG (Dutch assessment committee for purification installations for greenhouses) treatment plant that purifies imidacloprid for at least 99.5%.

Zero discharge
In order to meet the requirements of the MPS-Zero Discharge certificate, a visit report signed by the competent authority (water board, municipality or environmental service) must be present at the company. This report states that zero discharge has been made plausible for this location. To demonstrate the plausibility of the zero discharge, the ‘approach demonstrate zero discharge’ (dated 16-3-2017, Platform Duurzame Glastuinbouw) can be used.
In the case of multiple locations, each location must be audited. Among other things, the following must be available during the audit:
• Copy of the evidence based on which zero discharge has been made plausible, in particular the plan drawing of the company showing the water flows.
• Copy of the visit report from the competent authority on the zero discharge check.

Steps towards MPS Water Purification and Zero Discharge certification

1. Gather information about the certificate you want to obtain
Please contact the MPS Service & Support team and visit www.my-mps.com.
2. Company visit, if applicable, or telephone call by MPS employee, to explain the certificate
3. Request quotation
You can fill out an online quote request form via our website.
4. Implementation of the certification requirements
5. Internal audit
If you need help with this, we can refer you to an external consultancy agency.
6. Certification audit
Once you have performed all of these steps correctly, we wish you all the best during the certification audit and we are confident that you will pass this audit with flying colours. For questions about the certification audit, please refer to MPS-ECAS.

More information

More information

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