A total of 110 points can be awarded. After recording data for thirteen consecutive periods (four quarters), the record-keeping is checked through a company audit, and an independent certification body issues the certificate. This is followed by the first MPS-ABC qualification, which is recalculated once per quarter.

MPS-A+ qualification: At least 90 points and three additional requirements*
MPS-A qualification: 70 to 110 points
MPS-B qualification: 55 to 69.9 points
MPS-C qualification: 10 to 54.9 points

*additional requirements MPS-A+

MPS-A+ is a “leader” qualification, for those with the best environmental performance. Leaders score at least 90 points. Moreover, the company scores at least 85% on its use of crop protection agents and 75% on its fertiliser and energy usage.